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How to Order Freebies

How To Order Freebies

Whether it’s free samples, freebies, deals, or money saving tips, we’ve got you covered on all things frugal. To get started just click on the blue links under the pictures (see this photo as an example for whatever freebies you want. It’ll take you to the company’s site where you could enter your shipping info to get freebies. After you submit it, you should get your freebie within a few weeks.

*As a side note, please keep in mind that I don’t work for or with these companies. I just find the links for you guys 🙂

What Info to Give Out

  1. EMAIL ADDRESS: You can create an extra email address on yahoo or hotmail. Use this email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.
  2. ADDRESS: It’s necessary to give out your real address. If you don’t give a valid address when signing up for a freebie, there is no way it can be delivered to your house.
  3. PHONE NUMBER: Rarely is there a valid reason for a freebie offer to require a phone number. If a freebie requires a phone number honestly I just put in 555-555-5555

Q: Why Free? There has to be a catch!

A: Nope no catch. You never have to pay anything. Companies are always giving away free samples because they hope that you like their product and become a buyer in the future.

Q: If I sign up for the updates, is my email address safe?

A: Yup. You’ll only get updates to new freebies that we’ve posted. Trust me, I hate spam too.

Q: Why haven’t my free samples arrived yet?

A: Most offers take time since they get tons of orders at once. We don’t send out the samples, we just post about companies that are offering them. Most samples should come within 8 weeks though.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping?

A: Unless it’s a great deal, we only post freebies and samples that offer free shipping. If you do have to pay shipping, we’ll tell you.

Q: Will I get massive amounts of SPAM?

A: We do everything that we can to find companies who do not spam, but if you give companies your real e-mail address, you should expect e-mails from the company. To get around this you can create an extra email address on yahoo or hotmail and use that email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.

Q: Alright sounds good, so how do I get freebies?

A: Just click on the blue links under the pictures (see this photo as an example) for whatever freebies you want. It’ll take you to the company’s site where you could enter your shipping info to get freebies. After you submit it, you should get your freebie within a few weeks.

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  1. jennifer jennings

    Love dove

  2. jennifer jennings

    Love dove calming night

  3. i think this is a great idea. in my neck of the woods, no store will take online coupons, so if i can try the product, it is much easier for me to just go purchase it. i have to always tell the websites to send me the coupons thru the mail. its annoying. thanks for making it a bit easier.

  4. i love dove

  5. I want all of the samples that are available

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  7. love Dove.

  8. carla anderson

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    GREAT samples

  10. I love getting samples!!! Great way to try products!

  11. Julie Farrugia

    Can Australian’s participate on this website?

    • Darlene Woloschuk

      Once I get started, this will be great!!! because I like to try new things, but when bought, not always liked and wasted money again!

  12. I would love to get any and all you have.

  13. debbie atchley

    please send things where i can get the freebies its so cool

  14. Love Freebies,great help especially in today’s economy! Thank you!

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  17. I love freebies, and more so I need them to help my family make it.

  18. Diantha Orland

    don’t want to sound greedy, but I too will take whatever samples you have and thank you!

  19. Thank you Samplestuff for all of the freebies that I’ve received this year!
    In these economic times, I’m looking forward to next year’s freebies
    as well! Happy Holidays!

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  22. do these freebies work in canada too?

  23. I will take any ree samples etc you want to give me

  24. Use dove soap love it for me and my daughter bc she has sensitive skin

  25. love the free stuff. makes life fun

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  27. i would like to try the samples before i buy too please. TY

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  29. I just love this site..wish I had been told a year ago or more. Please pass it on

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  31. I love all freebies! I just found this site after looking at the money saving circle of Moms.

  32. Kathy Williams

    thanks for offering freebies…love cooking with ur muffin mixes….

  33. hey everyone, please anyone can give methe links of the the freebies/sample of makeup and perfumes in Canada?


  34. Rose Robertson

    I love your products!

  35. carol patterson

    Love free samples

  36. beverly laughlin

    i would be great to get these samples but they always say i.m to late. i really don,t like puting my information down but when you do i still don,t get anything the only coupons or samples, is from wal-mart thanks for nothing.

    • are you kidding me?! if you’re too late then thats your fault! in case you didn’t realize they aren’t the ones that send any of this, they just find it for us, so why don’t you take your whiney butt to post office because I’ve gotten 98% of the stuff I’ve asked for.

      • Anne you are so right, I couldn’t agree with you anymore. I have gotten so many freebies. And I also pass on the free info to my family and they also get there items. I do know that there are some things you fill out forms for with all your info and still dont get anything. You just have to becareful about who you choose. Always read comments , They will give all a heads up about scams , for free stuff.
        Reading does a brain good!!!!

  37. Nicole Studer


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    Love free sample as it gives me a chance to try things out and tell others about them.

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  55. I cant wait to get the Freebies I have ordered! Now all I need to do is show my husband (an Iron worker) why that printer I want is so very needed!!

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  58. Ashley Weller

    I love freebies! It’s a great way to try things before you buy them. Coupons are also great I’ll take a savings any way I can!

  59. Chad Campbell

    With this economy, everyone should be couponing:)

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    been using snuggle for years a very good product the little bear used to stop my daughter from crying when she was under one years old

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    I am a an unemployed mom of 3 who is trying very hard to get started with the coupons and freebies to help take care of my family. I could use all the help and advice I can get thanks

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  78. jeannette nichols

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  227. Linda Kyle, Nashville

    I’m amazed @how many new products I’ve tried thru SAMPLE STUFF.COM & now Actually Purchase these products regularly! ~Thanx, SampleStuff~

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  369. I love getting the freebies in the mail. I collect the stuff in a big tote and once it is full I take it to the local shelters for people that really need it. I also make little hospital survival kits with shampoos and toothpastes and stuff and bring it to the maternity ward at our hospital. For a few moments of my time I can make someone elses day so much better


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    • Regina that was what I was thinking too. i wasnt getting the freebise I thought maybe the website I was using went hay wire butht then i was finaly getting them

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    • Sometimes you have to wait a little while to get your samples. I’ve gotten a ton, but I have nothing better to do. I’m just now getting some I ordered 2+ months ago. And some still haven’t come. Just be patient.

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