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Freebies I’ve Received

I often get asked if this is for real. I actually order everything I post to keep track of which companies are trustworthy, so as of today (May 18th 2010) I’m going to post a picture of everything I receive.

monday oct 28


  • lisa thomas

    its a fantastic idea when u get freebies just by liking something and its a excellent offer and it helps me out as well fantastic idea

  • Jocelyn

    I haven’t received anything yet !! :/

  • michelle

    love this stuff

  • Joseph

    Wow cool, and thanks for this site :)

  • sue

    How do u register to get free stuff???

  • jodi schaffer

    Thanks for taking time to do this site. It helps so much!

  • sarah

    how do you get all that wow, i’m lucky if i get one thing a month

  • Heather L. Fisher

    I got my Airborne samples yesterday! :-)

  • emily

    how do you do that, i cant find but just a few things that are free with no strings attatched

  • Hailey

    This is awesome! Love your site! Wish I would of found it sooner so I could of gotten some of the awesome stuff in your pictures! :)

  • Lauren Magoon

    I just got my free Toyota/HSN cups yesterday…didn’t pay a dime! And they arrived much more quickly than I anticipated…I actually couldn’t remember having ordered anything from HSN until I opened the boxes!

    • Heather Henthorn

      They were nice cups too :) I loved them

      • Lauren Magoon

        I agree, much nicer than I expected! I really like the way the straw locks into a position where it’s pretty much spill-proof…great for me, as I’m a klutz!

  • raymi

    i will love to recieve free sample of no charge

  • Megan Cromes

    i love this i hope i win ty!;)

  • TnGrnEyez

    I would pee my pants if I got samples like that!! I live on this computer searching for Freebies and never get things like that…. Half the time I never get what I filled out the forms for… Personally, when it is a Freebie a person should not have to pay for S&H…. Just sayin’