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Freebies I’ve Received

I often get asked if this is for real. I actually order everything I post to keep track of which companies are trustworthy, so as of today (May 18th 2010) I’m going to post a picture of everything I receive.

monday oct 28


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  1. its a fantastic idea when u get freebies just by liking something and its a excellent offer and it helps me out as well fantastic idea

  2. I haven’t received anything yet !! :/

  3. love this stuff

  4. Wow cool, and thanks for this site :)

  5. How do u register to get free stuff???

  6. jodi schaffer

    Thanks for taking time to do this site. It helps so much!

  7. how do you get all that wow, i’m lucky if i get one thing a month

  8. I got my Airborne samples yesterday! :-)

  9. how do you do that, i cant find but just a few things that are free with no strings attatched

  10. This is awesome! Love your site! Wish I would of found it sooner so I could of gotten some of the awesome stuff in your pictures! :)

  11. I just got my free Toyota/HSN cups yesterday…didn’t pay a dime! And they arrived much more quickly than I anticipated…I actually couldn’t remember having ordered anything from HSN until I opened the boxes!

  12. i will love to recieve free sample of no charge

  13. i love this i hope i win ty!;)

  14. I would pee my pants if I got samples like that!! I live on this computer searching for Freebies and never get things like that…. Half the time I never get what I filled out the forms for… Personally, when it is a Freebie a person should not have to pay for S&H…. Just sayin’

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