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Freebies I’ve Received

I often get asked if this is for real. I actually order everything I post to keep track of which companies are trustworthy, so as of today (May 18th 2010) I’m going to post a picture of everything I receive.

monday oct 28


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  1. You do not have to prove it to me. I got samples today in the mail. Thank You the tune up on the website is excellent! 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m impressed. I’ll use this site often!

  3. this is great! thank you for the sight. alot of this stuff is very usefull to me 🙂

  4. i finally received my first free sample today thanks so much for this site i just wish that all the links would work but overall very satisfied!

  5. I have received a few of my samples. Luvem, thnx.

  6. I thought this website was a joke, but then I started getting free stuff in the mail daily it’s actually awesome!!

  7. I have bee receiving several samples a day! i really appreciate all of them!

  8. Is everything in the pictures stuff u actually recieved or is some of them from where u use coupons? Just wondering b/c ive been using ur site for along time and check it 3-4 times a day and i see all kinds of stuff in ur pics that i never see posted! I see like Febreeze,dish liquid (Big Bottle),shoes and just a few other things that ive never seen on here… Just wondering! BTW I love ur site!!!!

  9. is this really real

  10. Customized Couponing by The Coupon WIfey

    Great stuff! how can one get free printer paper? any possible way for free ink or is that just crazy?


  11. I would loved the last sample, but that few being offered it is hard to get in on the deal. Hopefully they may offer it againl.

  12. I love your site. It’s like getting little gifts every week.

  13. Thank you, for the greatest site on fb!! I just received my target beauty bag, and avon products. So many great freebies. Everyone should get on this site. Thanks to a very great friend, ( name anymous), I have been able to enjoy these , freebies.I will defnitely spread the word!!
    Very Happy!

  14. I rarely take pics of all the samples i recieve but I’m sure mine would be at least half of what you’ve got here! I love getting free stuff in the mail especially free full sized products! it really cuts down on the amount I have to spend on simple essential items!

  15. I just starting doing this last week,so far I have gotten three samples!! I love having something in my mailbox everyday!! Thanks!

  16. Nicole Studer

    I love this site! The first legitamite free sample site I’ve found! I’ve received at least 6 great samples since I’ve started here & I love it! I post pics of mine on my facebook boutique BadKitty Btq…

  17. Karen Himmelmann

    Love this

  18. i’m starting to use this.. hopefully it actually works.

  19. i ordered some stuff havnet got anything yet but i hoping this works out good.. thank you so much :]

  20. I just received my Atkins protein bar samples! I am so thankful for your post and updates to my emails everyday. I am definitely looking forward to all the other samples i’ve signed up for :):):)

  21. wow!!!!
    how did u get all that stuff?

  22. I would like to know how to get the magazines!!! Please advise!

  23. Love, love, love this site! Just wanted to express my thanks! I get tons of stuff…..especially loved the free glasses from Coastal Contacts!

  24. WOW! That is AMAZING!! This site is very nice! It is nice that we can get stuff like this to try! I often don’t buy things because I am afraid to buy it, then have to throw it away because I do not like it!

  25. OMG LOVE IT!

  26. Fantastic. I just LOVE this site! Thank you so much for all the work that you put in so we can share in the wealth!! Love it!

  27. i love that you show pictures! i love seeing what you get!

  28. i’d just like to say that it is great what you are doing for all of us, but, i have been doing this every day since may 5th and i am not getting stuff i know i should be getting. i have waited now for 10 weeks to get the aveeno shampoo and nothing! i’ve had confirmation emails on literally hundreds of items for free or coupons and i’m not getting stuff! i see all the stuff you have that i know i got in on in time ( i’m on the internet at least 8hrs per day chasing down deals and freebies and something is just not right. i think my post office people are taking the stuff for themselves, but how can i prove i’m supposed to get something? got any ideas? and also how do you get so many of the samples that we are only allowed one per household?

  29. I recieved my sample of cheer laundry detergent,and purex.

  30. I was wondering if there is no place for ur apartment # is it ok to put it in the address space? Thanks for sharing this site! I love it!!

  31. I looove Sample Stuff!! This is my favorite out of like 20 million other sites about coupons and free stuff. This is just my favorite!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to get all this samples and savings. You’re doing a great job!

  32. First time being on your website. I love being able to find all the freebies!

  33. brenda spriet

    i have a question, what do you do with all those samples, i have so many i cant seem to keep up with them, do you have a way you do your, i keep mine in a baggie,but i forgot what i have ???

    • Hey Brenda, I agree it’s extremely easy for them to start piling up. After I take a picture of them, I ask my family if theres anything that they need. Then the rest I donate to some local charities. Honestly I’ve fallen WAY behind with taking pictures though so I’ll have to do that soon

      • krystal wallace

        i donate as well, so great that you do that. wish more people did that.thanks for doing that. you are doing gods work:)

    • I wish I had a problem with the ‘piling up’ reality is that all the stuff I sign up for I rarely get. Its a little depressing.

  34. This is the first time I’ve visited your site – heard about you on FB from CouponTLCShy – and just wanted to say you have a great site. I’ll definitely be coming back!

  35. kelly berkley


  36. thankyou so much !!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Thanks for sharing the photos. My freebies are starting to come in and I get excited when I go to the mailbox and find these gifts.

  38. WOW… I’d love to get all these freebies!

  39. Rhonda Hughes

    I have recieved a few freebies myself I love getting them .Thanks for the freebies. I really enjoy them

  40. OMG that’s awesome!!

  41. hey great site! I heard about this spot via fb and I’ve gotten free stuff! a coupon for free bottle of pantene shampoo/conditioner, travel pack of jiff pb, ky lube, herbal guide book ,etc. freebies are real !!!!!

  42. Thank you for all the free stuff posts! I love this site. I prefer it out of the others I sites I use. I feel like I can trust this site more than any of the others!

  43. I love this site.

  44. thats really great. i have to start taking pictures of what ive recived so far. I have gotten 2 coupons for full size bottles of pantene pro-v shampoo & conditioner. ive received the samples of avenno, shout & nescafe. I also received a magazine too. Not too bad … so far. Great website. Thanks!

  45. I have received many a freebie and i like this site. It allows me to try producst that i would not normally buy and when I received Nutrish dog food (Rachel Ray) as a freebie, thats all my dog likes and eats. Now I try freebie more frequently so to see what would be the best buy. this is a great site.

  46. krystal wallace

    so cool that you take pictures, you have great taste, we have the same comforter green with mauve flowers.

  47. I love getting free samples! Thanks for this awesome site! 😀

  48. What is your secret ?thats alot of stuff

  49. thank u for sharing…i enjoy getting all those freebies.

  50. free items are awesome

  51. great

  52. If anyone can please help me I can’t find the free stuff how do you find them and do you feel out all the extra forms?

  53. first time on your site. i love it whats some ways that i can orginize my samples?

  54. love all the freebies I get on this site. I love getting samples in my mailbox. like a kid in a candy store.

  55. Really enjoy, these samples.

  56. Like this site, only thing i really dislike the ones that make you jump throw hoops, just to get a sample, anyone else
    and thanks

  57. I have not received even 1 till date 🙁

  58. Adella Gonzalez

    OMG…THAT IS INSANE! Crazy awesome! Ok, I’m next! lol

  59. love this websight thanke you.

  60. i never have goting any thing free crying

  61. Received my Tide coupon, Neti Pot, and my Bacardi Oakheart Mug. This site is for real!!!

  62. Adella Gonzalez


  63. I love to know how you get all these freebies… I would love to try most of the things that you have and of course more… Please email me.

    • Cyndie,

      When you go to this website you will see different tabs. Click on the home tab. From there it will give you the samples tat are being offered. Some are gone depending on the sample item. There is also an area to the right of this website called “Categories”. You can click on all any of them and see what freebies they have that interest you and if they are available.

      This website is great because they have different samples that are added everyday for the most part. But you need to try to get the sample asap because they go really fast.

      Hope this helps and enjoy your samples :).

  64. I received Neilmed sinus rinse!

    • Hi! got here through the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan…and yes, you are lucky to be in the US for all those ferebies that are only starting here in the Philippines :)Followed you at GConnect 🙂

  65. Nancy Rabon Cribb

    That’s amazing. I need to get your freebie addresses. You have collected alot. I have only recieved two items. You go girl. Congratulations

  66. Janie Robinett


  67. i love free things

    • has a lot of free samples. On the left hand side, soclrl down to In Stores Now then Free Samples. Just fill out the little form and you’ll get your items in 4-6 weeks.I don’t know too many manufacturers who mail home freebies anymore, but oftentimes, you can find great coupons to print (many will allow 2 prints if you hit the browser’s back button). My favorite is in the Special Offers section. You can also join various forums or follow up on blogs (the ones by stay-at-home moms are best). They help you to match up weekly and monthly sales and coupons as well as alert you of new offers. Many of them also hold contests.Hope that helps a little.Edited to add: Oh yeah, BzzAgent is a great site too.

  68. Can you look for more shoe and apparel freebies? Thanks

  69. Free things are cool.
    Thank You

  70. How do I start reciving samples like this. Every place I go into wants something in the end in the form of $$$. To me “Free” is no longer “Free”. But I’m interested, especially with a son in the military.- Thanks

  71. havent recieved anything yet

  72. Received my Tide pod and Love it so much bought more! Thank you Tide!


  74. How did you get free shoes?

  75. I just was told about your site about 3 weeks ago…and so far I have rceived my mini~tote w/goodies from Target AND a sample of Gevalia! WOW! Talk about quick! Thanks so very ERY much for having this site!

  76. I would love to now how you get all this free stuff.

  77. I love your site! Such a great resource, I love actually being able to try something new with out having to spending any money.

    • I followed the inisnucttors, filling in all info, but every time I hit Submit, I get There was an error with your order. Please check your information and try again. Anyone else having this problem?

  78. Tammy Jernigan

    wow looks like i have missed quite a few lol i stay on the freebie sights and love to get my free items in the mail!

  79. share some of those samples with the rest of us.

  80. Just got the $2 of free music from Amazon. Thanks!

  81. i have not received any free stuff that i have sign up for thank you

  82. WOW!!! I want some too, Please!!! 🙂

  83. I get coupons in the mail every month but where I live my coupons barely make a dent in my cost… Any ideas to lower cost? Thanks

  84. wow i am going to like this site

    • I am unable to print any coupons as i have no printer… I do have my loyalty cards which i do use all the time and they are electronicaly d/l on the card from the store…I hope some of these freebies send out the coupns or put on a card to use…I cant afford a printer right now..maybe some company will send me a free printer…lol hey it could happen

  85. You’re insane. thanks for all the offers!

  86. Elizabeth Wulff

    I received electrasol today.

  87. I received my BREW OVER ICE TUMBLER. It is great. Thanks for all you great help!

  88. Elizabeth Wulff

    Today i got post its, necafe/fancy feast, ice over brew cup, 2 shampoo samples, woolite for dark clothes. It was like Christmas in my mailbox! I love you guys for doing this

  89. Sharon Ratliff

    YOu got shirts? too? is this for real? you have received all of this stuff…In how long of a period of time. Companies used to send things out automatically all the time. Why did they stop?

  90. its a fantastic idea when u get freebies just by liking something and its a excellent offer and it helps me out as well fantastic idea

  91. I haven’t received anything yet !! :/

  92. love this stuff

  93. Wow cool, and thanks for this site 🙂

  94. How do u register to get free stuff???

  95. jodi schaffer

    Thanks for taking time to do this site. It helps so much!

  96. how do you get all that wow, i’m lucky if i get one thing a month

  97. I got my Airborne samples yesterday! 🙂

  98. how do you do that, i cant find but just a few things that are free with no strings attatched

  99. This is awesome! Love your site! Wish I would of found it sooner so I could of gotten some of the awesome stuff in your pictures! 🙂

  100. I just got my free Toyota/HSN cups yesterday…didn’t pay a dime! And they arrived much more quickly than I anticipated…I actually couldn’t remember having ordered anything from HSN until I opened the boxes!

    • Heather Henthorn

      They were nice cups too 🙂 I loved them

      • I agree, much nicer than I expected! I really like the way the straw locks into a position where it’s pretty much spill-proof…great for me, as I’m a klutz!

  101. i will love to recieve free sample of no charge

  102. i love this i hope i win ty!;)

  103. I would pee my pants if I got samples like that!! I live on this computer searching for Freebies and never get things like that…. Half the time I never get what I filled out the forms for… Personally, when it is a Freebie a person should not have to pay for S&H…. Just sayin’

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  108. lee mcfarland

    I simply couldn’t depart your site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information an individual supply for your visitors?

    Is going to be again steadily in order to check out new posts

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