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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Info to Give Out

  1. EMAIL ADDRESS: You can create an extra email address on yahoo or hotmail. Use this email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.
  2. ADDRESS: It’s necessary to give out your real address. If you don’t give a valid address when signing up for a freebie, there is no way it can be delivered to your house.
  3. PHONE NUMBER: Rarely is there a valid reason for a freebie offer to require a phone number. If a freebie requires a phone number honestly I just put in 555-555-5555

Q: Why Free? There has to be a catch!

A: Nope no catch. You never have to pay anything. Companies are always giving away free samples because they hope that you like their product and become a buyer in the future.

Q: If I sign up for the updates, is my email address safe?

A: Yup. You’ll only get updates to new freebies that we’ve posted. Trust me, I hate spam too.

Q: Why haven’t my free samples arrived yet?

A: Most offers take time since they get tons of orders at once. We don’t send out the samples, we just post about companies that are offering them. Most samples should come within 8 weeks though.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping?

A: Unless it’s a great deal, we only post freebies and samples that offer free shipping. If you do have to pay shipping, we’ll tell you.

Q: Will I get massive amounts of SPAM?

A: We do everything that we can to find companies who do not spam, but if you give companies your real e-mail address, you should expect e-mails from the company. To get around this you can create an extra email address on yahoo or hotmail and use that email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.

Q: Alright sounds good, so how do I get freebies?

A: Just click on the blue links under the pictures (see this photo as an example) for whatever freebies you want. It’ll take you to the company’s site where you could enter your shipping info to get freebies. After you submit it, you should get your freebie within a few weeks.

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  1. Here’s another freebie recipe book in case you hadn’t heard about it yet. Love your website, thanks for all the free samples. 😀

  2. EnY7L2 Hi! I’m just wondering if i can get in touch with you, since you have amazing content, and i’m thinking of running a couple co- projects! email me pls

  3. Free 7 day supply of Lancome.

  4. William Davies

    Does this work in the UK?

  5. Wow can’t wait to start getting all the freebies.

  6. thank you

  7. looking forward to get the free stuff

  8. I have moved so my address is changed,I’m not getting my free stuff because they want my old address.How do I get it changed??

  9. They are giving away free samples of Emergen-C! Just click on the free sample disk.

  10. Do you post to new zealand, thanks

  11. all printable coupons should be able to be mailed

  12. Can’t wait to try this free sample!

  13. i ENJOY FREE SAMPLES,,good things in the mail..Thank you

  14. Is this for US only ? I live in NZ very far away …

  15. Hi im from Australia do any of these freebies ship to Australia??? Thanks

  16. Great idea, cant wait to start getting new things to try!!!!

  17. Rose Voorhies

    Waiting to see how it works.

  18. love those freeie.

  19. Deborah McBride

    I cant get the sale a day givaway,,,Im doing everything as instructed, I want to know why I cant get the ‘free’ items ?!

  20. Di I need to change any settings as I keep seeing the words State and Zip Code?

  21. Do I need to change any settings as I keep seeing the words State and Zip Code?

  22. Has anyone ever moved and the samples they were waiting on were forwarded? I’ve noticied on the mailing label it will say “or current resident”

  23. margaret hill

    why does a person have to fight tomget a freebie .. if you cant get ir dont show it

  24. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for putting out this website.
    All I ask of you is to please put and update about if the item is gone on each item. Last night me and my daughter were trying to get the wonderstruck perfume sample and we could not find a way to get it

  25. Thanks for this site! I am hoping to build up my “freebies” like yours!

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