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Please keep in mind that since I’m a full-time college student, I’m physically not able to answer every message personally, but I appreciate any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have (:


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  1. Hey! There’s a new sample listing on Target’s website for Maybelline’s BB cream. I think it just came available today!

  2. Never mind! I just saw that you had it posted yesterday! Sorry about that!

  3. just and FYI the 10 cup coffee maker from Best Buy – they still have it but its for 4.99 now and still free shipping..just letting you know..thanks for all the good stuff..!!!!

  4. Hey Sam – love the website and the deals but have missed some important ones because I receive the emails the day after they’ve been posted. I live in the Southeast region and know that you post in PST so is there any way to avoid missing other fabulous finds/deals/freebies??? Thanks and Happy New Year!

  5. Hi, I hope you got my msg about our free month of AmeriDoc telemedicine?

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