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We’re a group of parents and students who scour the web for the best deals, sales, coupons, freebies, promotions, samples, and other offers. Our mission is to give you access to those deals as soon as they become available.

If you have any questions, ideas, or general feedback, we would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Hey! There’s a new sample listing on Target’s website for Maybelline’s BB cream. I think it just came available today!

  2. Never mind! I just saw that you had it posted yesterday! Sorry about that!

  3. just and FYI the 10 cup coffee maker from Best Buy – they still have it but its for 4.99 now and still free shipping..just letting you know..thanks for all the good stuff..!!!!

  4. Hey Sam – love the website and the deals but have missed some important ones because I receive the emails the day after they’ve been posted. I live in the Southeast region and know that you post in PST so is there any way to avoid missing other fabulous finds/deals/freebies??? Thanks and Happy New Year!

  5. Hi, I hope you got my msg about our free month of AmeriDoc telemedicine?

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