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There are several Walmart deals that you can take advantage of today on the Walmart website. You can request a Sensodyne toothpaste coupon for $1 off. All you have to do to qualify is watch a very brief Sensodyne video. Walmart will also feature … Continue reading

Got raisins? If you do, head on over to the Sun-Maid site and request a copy of their free Sun Maid recipe booklet, 100 Year Anniversary Cookbook! We ran this offer before and we are pleased to know that it’s available once … Continue reading

This one’s back again. Click here to visit the Australian Lamb site and you’ll be able to request a free “World Of Flavor” cookbook. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. (If I remember correctly, the last time I received one of … Continue reading


Call 1-888-476-8766 and there will be an automated system that you can use to request a free Grey Poupon Recipe Book.  Just press 1 and follow the prompts to leave your shipping address.  

Click here to visit the J Lohr site and fill out the form to request a free edition of The J. Lohr Vineyard Table recipe book. After you fill out the form, they’ll send you a confirmation email. Just click … Continue reading


Call 1-888-217-8325 and press 2 to request a free recipe booklet from A1 Steak Sauce. You’ll be able to leave your shipping info on their automated system and the recipe booklets are mailed within 7-10 business days. Image Credit: A1

Click here to visit the Eden food facebook and like them. Then on the “Free Offer” tab, you can click the image to download their free recipe book. If you rather get a printed copy, just email Image Credit: Eden … Continue reading

by Cathy R. Salmon Steaks are an affordable way to add vital nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids to your diet without breaking the bank. If possible, buy wild-caught salmon instead of farm-raised salmon. Wild-caught salmon is higher in nutritional value … Continue reading

by Esther H. When you are short on time and interested in a quick simple supper recipe, you should make a basic rice casserole for dinner. The casserole ingredients are often items that you have on hand, and the dish … Continue reading