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Labor Day weekend will soon be here. This might be one of the last times this year that you and your family spend an extended amount of time outdoors. If you are worried about bugs ruining your end-of-summer fun, check out … Continue reading

You can request a FREE sample of ReplaceSR Electrolyte tablets! These tablets are sustained release (SR) electrolyte tablets that help you maintain healthy electrolyte levels while you exercise. To get your FREE sample of ReplaceSR tablets, fill in your mailing … Continue reading

Request your FREE maxi pad samples from the Equate maxi pads website here! Visit the Walmart website to get your maxi pads. Click on the ‘get free sample’ button and fill in your mailing info. You will receive a an Equate … Continue reading

Right now, you can request a FREE Astroglide sample from Astroglide personal lubricants. You can choose from a variety of Astroglide samples. Just choose the type of Astroglide product you would like to sample and fill in your mailing info. … Continue reading


Right now, you can print out this BOGO coupon from Playtex! This Playtex coupon is for buy one get one FREE pads, liners, and tampons of up to a $7 value! If you shop at Target, you can combine this coupon … Continue reading

For a limited time, you can request a FREE sample of Kelo Cote, a treatment for scars from Sinclair Pharmaceuticals. Just fill in your mailing info and provide a few details about the particular scar you plan to treat. You … Continue reading


You can get FREE samples of electrolyte products from Sqwincher! These products help you remain hydrated when you are exposed to heat or are quickly losing electrolytes. To receive your FREE sample, all you have to do is fill in … Continue reading

You can get a FREE skin care sample from Equitance Skin Radiance! Just click on the ‘enroll now’ icon and fill in your information. You will receive a FREE 3 day supplement sample. Equitance Skin Radiance was created to enhance … Continue reading

EXPIREDNo longer available :( If you would like to give essential oil a try, check out this FREE sample! You can select from a list of essential oil that you would like to sample! Just fill in your mailing information. … Continue reading

EXPIREDNo longer available :(If you are one of the first 50,000 people who download the (free) StarShopp app from Google Play or the Apple store, you can get a FREE customized Profile Pro free shampoo sample and conditioner sample! After you … Continue reading