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by Daniel Simon In the previous article on home improvements, we covered determining completion needs, understanding upgrades to bring a house up to code versus “needs within needs” of upgrades, and utilizing materials purchased previously. Since I’m not an expert … Continue reading

by Daniel Simon I have recently had the opportunity to pursue updating my home. What I’ve learned, and continue to learn, regardless of whether I am doing the work personally or a general contractor is involved, is that a lot … Continue reading

by Melissa W Whether you have to eat healthy for medical reasons, weight control, or it’s just what you prefer, it can end up costing you more at the grocery store. The cost of groceries is regional and can vary … Continue reading

by Christina J Each birthday is special and should be celebrated with family, friends and freebies. Visit these popular restaurants and ice cream shops online to receive an assortment of free delicious food and drink items to make your birthday … Continue reading


by Tony G With the current state of the economy, many families are looking for ways to cut back. Here are a few simple and easy money-saving tips to get your started.

by David The supermarket is designed to make us spend our hard earned money.  It has no qualms about whether you are there with a strict budget or not.  Everything about it is laid out and carefully placed, down the to the … Continue reading


by Jessica B You can do a lot with a whole chicken simply sprinkled with your favorite seasoning salt. However you choose to bake your chicken, there is plenty of meat to go around for most of the week. You … Continue reading

  by Jessica L You know yogurt tastes great, but have you ever used it as a health remedy or beauty treatment? Use the plain, active culture yogurt in your refrigerator to heal a variety of physical ailments and improve … Continue reading