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Free Sample Of Secret Deodorant

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No longer available :(

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Note: Their site is starting to slow down from traffic, so it might take some patience and refreshing

Click here to visit their site and click “Try It Now.” Then fill out the survey and complete checkout. No credit card info is needed. You can choose between solid or clear.

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  • shira

    message I just got:
    We are currently undergoing maintenance and will be back soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    • SavdByGrace50

      Same here and this happened when I clicked to submit order. So did I finish or do I need to start over? You’d think a brand as prominent as Secret would have capacity on their site for what they should have expected would be a hoard of offer seekers. Oh, well.

  • Honey B

    “page not found” I’m using my desktop. should be there

  • Chris

    This site keeps saying undergoing maintenance site not working

  • Eve Duncan

    This happens every time there is a popular free offer. The sites just can’t handle the volume they receive.

  • brenda

    undergoing maintenance :(

  • Shirley

    Site reset

  • ASA

    Finally able to snag one.

  • angelgjl

    The webpage will not open.

  • Karen Tigue

    I got the Secret it took awhile but I got it.

  • Nicia

    Finally Got It!

  • Eve Duncan

    Still processing for me. I’ve been trying for over 25 minutes!

    • Nicia

      Try to refresh the previous page and submit again! That’s how I got one… AND the way I got one for my sis!

      • Eve Duncan

        I did as you said and it worked! THANKS!!!

  • SavdByGrace50


    We may be out of FREE Secret Clinical Strength, but we
    don’t want to leave you empty-handed. So we’re going to give you NEW
    Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid or Clear Gel FREE, all you have
    to do is pay $4.99 in shipping and handling. Want more FREE? We’ll give
    you $25 in coupons and product and career tips from expert Nicole Williams — FREE.