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Free Box Of Clairol Root Touch-Up By Nice ‘n Easy

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This one is a bit tough because it’s from a Spanish version of the P&G website, but here’s how to get a free box of Clairol Root Touch-Up By Nice ‘n Easy:

1. Click here to visit their site and register or login (It might be easier to register with a new email. I added the translations below :) )

2. Click here and click “Pide Tu Cupon”

3. Click “Confirma Tu Dirreccion” (if your address is missing, click “Modifica tu dirección” and use the translation below)

4. Done! You should see a message that says “Que emocion!” which basically says you’ll get it in 2-3 weeks :)


Nombre: Name
Apellido: Last Name
Correo electrónico: Email
Confirma tu dirección electrónica: Confirm your email
Contraseña: Password (Must be at least 8 characters with a letter and at least one number)
Confirma tu contraseña: Confirm your password
Código postal: Zip code
¿Cuándo naciste?: When were you born
¿Cuál es tu sexo?: What is your gender

Editar – Edit
Guardar – Save
Dirección – Address
Ciudad – City
Estado – State

*Be sure to check the box that translates to “Yes, I want to join the movement proud. I will help celebrate the beauty of collective diversity of Latino women, and receive special invitations and offers.”

Image credit: Clairol


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