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Possible Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

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1. Click here to visit the Prevacid Perks site and signup at the top

2. Check your email and confirm your account

3. On the Prevacid site, sign-in

4. Important: Now there’s 2 spots here. On the left is “Have A Retailer Code” and on the right shows the picture above. On the right, click “next step” where it says “Premium Coffee Gift Card”

5. Enter the code 30067 6286 143

6. Done!

Thanks Jesse and SD!

Image credit: Prevacid


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  • renee

    code not working

    • dima

      you need to press next on the picture of the reward you chose then enter the upc.

  • Jenn

    This is not working

  • CJH

    Thanks! it worked!

  • Renee

    Says I will get an email to notify me of status. If it works and I get a card then I will let you know, and how I did it.

  • Alex

    Got the Same things. But no email yet.