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1st 20,000: Free 24 Count Bottle Of Excedrin Extra Strength

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No longer available :(


Note: Mobile users might have to choose the “view desktop” option on your phone to see the tab

Excedrin revealed on their facebook that they’ll be giving away 20,000 free bottles of Excedrin for 5 days for a grand total of 100,000. For Wednesday, at noon – Eastern Time/ 9am – Pacific Time, click here and you’ll be able to request yours on the “Excedrin Facebook Giveaway” tab.

*This didn’t go so smoothly on Tuesday because of all the traffic, but Wednesday should have less people since some were able to snag one already :)

Image credit: Excedrin


5 Comments For 1st 20,000: Free 24 Count Bottle Of Excedrin Extra Strength

  1. did no work for me

  2. It is VERY slow. After 4 attempts, it finally went thru and I got my bottle. It is so slow between each session, you think it froze, but honey being poured from a jar is faster than the process. Just have alot of patience and wait out each session.

  3. Thanks alot.I got one.

  4. you not have a Texas option for what state in live in

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