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Free Sample Of Good Green Bars

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Note: Their site is slow to load

Click here to visit the Good Greens site and click “Free Sample Sign Up.” On the next page choose your flavor. On the page after that you’ll be able to fill out the form to request your free samples.



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  • RES

    Everytime I go to select my state it erases all of my info I already typed in,it keeps doing it everytime I try and select my state.Anyone know whats going on?

  • JODY


  • Sherri

    It deleted mine too, so i re-did it, and it worked fine. Thank you,Sam!

  • Julie N John

    I have tried several times and every time I select the state it erases all my info. – and it doesn’t even show the state in the box. I then selected state first and my state will not show in the box that way either.???

  • Sue

    Can’t get pass the state – it delets everything everytime !!

  • Joanne

    This does not work. Everytime I select my state all of my info is erased.

  • KK

    It let me put in all my info but said they already had my email address. I hadn’t signed up previously!

  • Mari Walsh

    as everyone else has said, as soon as you click on your state, it erases everything