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Free Beneful Baked Delights Combo Sample Pack

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UPDATE: Working again

Click here to visit the Walmart site and click “Get Your Sample Combo.” Then just fill out the form on the next page. Allow up to four weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox.

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79 Comments For Free Beneful Baked Delights Combo Sample Pack

  1. Franke Babcock

    Thank you for this chance to sample the doggie treats.

  2. Love to have this dog food and coupons

  3. Mrs Mary Ann - Massie

    Thank you for the baked treats.


  5. Amazing dog food brand dogs love it

  6. reasonable price for high quality dog food

  7. My dog will be happy to try these treats. Thanks.

  8. would love to have my dogs try these.

  9. thanks

  10. My doggie thanks you for the goodies!

  11. Maxie dog loves Beneful

  12. Anna Doucette

    Its the only kind of food we give our dog, & she loves it. Wish you had one in the can that had salmon, or in the bag food. Just a thought.

  13. It’s not working for me. 🙁

  14. I wanna try ur doggie treats!! Or my doggie does!! 😛

  15. love beneful food and snacks for my dogs

  16. I’ve tried to request a sample of these treats for our dogs several times this week, and NOTHING happens when i click on the red box to request sample. Is it just me or the site?

  17. my dog would love it

  18. love to get somthing for my dog

  19. would love to get coupons for my dog nethen but the best for him

  20. thank you for gaving away this good treats

  21. Sounds Great!

  22. wont work for me 🙁

  23. only dog food I feed my dogs!

  24. thank you so much for the chance to sample this for my dogs. I am sure they will love it!!

  25. thanks for giving my pup a chance to try your wonderful product.

  26. thank you, my dogs will love it

  27. thank you

  28. My dog will love this!

  29. sharon dunson

    thanks for letting me try this product

  30. barbara Paull

    my pups love it but thier mommy could use coupons and some free stuff

  31. Told me I was unable to get sample packs…very disappointed since I feed my dog your product.

  32. Charlene Baker


  33. Thank You!!!!

  34. Got sample packs today my dogs LOVED them!

  35. Dollie Stanfield


  36. i use beneful dog food so my dog would enjoy the baked delights i’m sure. thanks

  37. Could use coupons and Free stuff for our dogs.You should have free sample pacts.Since many people buy your products.We own 6 dogs

  38. 38 Comments For Free Beneful Baked Delights Combo Pack

  39. i cant seem to get it how do you fill out

  40. my saints love beneful

  41. my dogs eat beneful would be nice to change up the flavor

  42. Got it. Thank you!

  43. love this dog food for my pups!

  44. free sample please ??

  45. I need to try it

  46. lena bourdess

    My dogs like beneful and so do we as their owners,,,, looking forward to trying the new baked goods … thank you

  47. your product is great thanks

  48. angel blackard

    my dog would love this

  49. Wasn’t working a few hours ago and still isn’t.

  50. My schnauzy is definately a Beneful dog! Send me some coupons for my Bene lover!

  51. Thank you

  52. free dog food love it…

  53. Would love s sample!

  54. The dogs Love beneful

  55. My Dog Loves Beneful

  56. My Bre loved them THANKS !

  57. gloria bowers

    where can you buy these alone? dog loved them

  58. My dog loves beneful…:)

  59. Free sample for my dog..please

  60. please send sample

  61. Well that sucks… not available in Canada 🙁

  62. l my gizzy has ever eaten is Beneful so would be really nice to get so samples to try

  63. My dogs love them.

  64. paula capozzi

    can’t get the page to come up to request my sample

  65. if you use a different email, you can get another sample.

  66. Please send samples

  67. Lorraine Hearn

    I’ve got two American bulldogs and they just can’t wait for that can of food to open, A BENEFUL kind of day….

  68. Have 3 dogs that love this.

  69. Danielle Bruce

    Please my dog would love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Beneful is the only food my teacup Chihuahua will eat!!

  71. not working keeps on saying I am a kid I wish

  72. katherine crouch

    my dogs loved the ones i got before they ate them and they wanted more

  73. yes please

  74. not working

  75. LeeAnn Wilczynski

    Please send free sample

  76. Thanks