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Starting A Recipe Swap

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As a work at home, homeschooling, mother of two, and wife of a military man, my days are packed with “To Do’s”. Because of this, it’s very easy to fall into the same few meals, over and over again! That’s why I love Recipe swaps.

What is a recipe swap?

A recipe swap is a group that exchanges recipes, weekly or monthly. I’m part of a group that exchanges weekly. This gives all 18 of us a huge variety of new recipes, while only having to supply one. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of these recipes I have used.
Our group goes by themes. This month, for example, is slow cooker January. We all supply one slow cooker recipe each week, but are rewarded by 17 others, sharing a recipe we haven’t tried.

How do I get started?

If you are part of a Mommy and me group, that’s a great place to start. Many of the other Mommy’s will love this idea, and will be onboard!

Facebook: Since so many people are on facebook, why not start a group for your recipe swap. Each week, everyone can post a recipe, and have a plethora of others to try. Plus, this opens up the swap to friends and family that aren’t local.

Your neighbors: If you are friendly with your neighbors, feel free to ask them if they’d like to team up with you to swap recipes. You’ll be shocked at how many people with love this idea.

Don’t limit it to just women: Men may act macho about certain things, but I’ve received A LOT of GREAT recipes from men! I actually have gentlemen that follow my Facebook page, and share recipes often!

Once you have decided on who is in the group, set a day each week/month. We do ours on Thursdays, but since it’s a Facebook group, we have a little more freedom to post when we have a few minutes.

Now that you have your group set up, and did your first recipe swap. Look at all of those new recipes. With a group of 10, you could have a different meal, every day of the month.

This is a great thing to have when planning out your menu. No more not knowing what to cook for dinner, or searching for a recipe that you aren’t sure your family would like. Now you have personal feedback for all of your incoming recipes! Plus, you get the bonus of some fun interactions.

Happy Swapping!

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  1. since your a busy mom, I have a quick easy peanutbutter cookie recipe I used with my kids and still make for them and now the grandkids. 1 cup peanutbutter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg. mix. Roll into balls, place on cookie sheet. score criss cross with a fork, and bake @ 350 for 10 minutes, or golden brown. Thats it! Hope you enjoy!!