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Free Huggies Sample

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UPDATE: We posted this a while back, but now no Sam’s club # is needed

Click here to visit the Sam’s club site and wait for the Huggies slide (or click the next button). Then click “Get A Sample.” On the next page you’ll be able to fill out the form and request a diaper sample of size 3,4, or 5. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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27 Comments For Free Huggies Sample

  1. I would love to get a Free Sample I have my 1st Grandbaby coming in 3 weeks!

  2. always used them – better than most

  3. I want a free sample. My due date is Sept 8

  4. I would love a free sample, we love huggies! I have one that is soon to be in size five and my due date is december 25th!

  5. Free is good. My 1st grandbaby is 2 months old. I have a baby room 2 our house.

  6. I would luv a sample 4 my grandbaby ! Ty

  7. Yvette Johnson

    Love a free sample I have my first granddaughter coming in about 3 weeks. So STINKIN excited!!!

  8. Would love a sample!

  9. barbara parker ewing

    I would like to try these on my little granddaughter.Thank you so much

  10. Ashly Stephens

    Would Love a sample, my baby is in size 5!!


  12. A same club number is needed.

  13. I would like have some sample for size 3 for my baby

  14. I would love some free samples of Huggies as this is the only brand I buy.

  15. Our due date is january 20th, dont look forward to using diapers again

  16. The only thing I put on my sons…they don’t leak!!!

  17. Autumn Hardin

    I would love a sample!

  18. would love some!

  19. Awesome! You can never get enough free diapers!

  20. this is great thank you

  21. Debra Robinson

    A membership to Sam is required.

  22. Got a grandbaby comin need some samples

  23. great site

  24. I would love to get free samples.

  25. I didnt’t see the sam’s club part where it says get a sample…and I didn’t see a huggies slide? so if there’s an easier way to get there that would be awesome because I really want these samples!