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Free Sample of HUGO Just Different Fragrance

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NOTE: Only Men’s fragrances are available

Click here to visit the HUGO site. Then on the right of the page check off Just Different Fragrance. Then on the left you’ll be able to fill out your shipping info.




21 Comments For Free Sample of HUGO Just Different Fragrance

  1. They are out of the women’s free sample:(

  2. my son will love it

  3. FYI: it is only the male fragrance that is available not the female. I tried, but said they were out of samples for women

  4. must have just been the women’s sample that was out. Thanks for the reply! I got one for my son.

  5. My guys will love it

  6. requested for my husband. hope he likes it.

  7. linda magnusson

    i would love to try the smell

  8. husband and i today is our 30 anniversary

  9. There is something wrong with the site, I am not able to put in my information for the free sample cause the page is too low

  10. terry stevens

    i like the smell

  11. Never heard of this and I have 2 sons, so interested in what it smells like 🙂

  12. smells wonderful!!!!!!

  13. My 16 yrs old would love this pls send me a sample

  14. can’t wait for husband to try it

  15. my man would like one

  16. i would like one

  17. Robert Hinrichs

    They would not accept American postal code in the address form, so request couldn’t be submitted.

  18. Hoping to get my sample for my father to try

  19. Thank You