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Free Nutrition For Kids Booklet

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Click here and you’ll be able to request a free Nutrition for Kids Booklet. If you rather not wait for the mail, you can click “Download the booklet” to view it online instead.




5 Comments For Free Nutrition For Kids Booklet

  1. Marcella Martinez

    Grateful for the information

  2. I’m surprised to see in the food chart that soy milk is a daily recommendation for children. There’s plenty of research showing that soy products are NOT good for human consumption due to increasing estrogen in the body. Maybe many of the recommendations in this booklet are good, but folks need to be on the lookout for the ones that are not and act accordingly.

    • To see the soy milk recommendations, look in the ‘sample menus’ for kids & teens. Another fact about soy is that nearly ALL of it is now grown as GM (genetically modified), which is very bad news for consumers!

  3. Way to use the internet to help people solve probmels!