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Free Wisdom Kit From American Diabetes Association

Posted in health, kids, parents
No longer available :(

Click here and fill in your shipping info for a free wisdom kit from the American Diabetes Association for kids diagnosed with Diabetes. Be sure to check the first box. The Kit comes in a reusable lunch bag and includes:

  • A guide for parents
  • A guide for the child with diabetes
  • A guide for the teen with diabetes
  • A guide for the sibling
  • An interactive card game for the whole family
  • An informational and inspirational DVD
  • Juggling balls
  • Emergency Contact Information refrigerator magnet
  • Pocket-sized Carb Counting Tool
  • Diabetes Dictionary




3 Comments For Free Wisdom Kit From American Diabetes Association

  1. I have a diabetic for 23 years. Any thing that is sent is appreciated.

  2. Hiya, my DH and I both are diabetic i still no nothing about how to eat……
    Sad huh?

    • Hi Lillie,

      You should eat a diet high in carbohydrates (wheat, rice, etc) and exercise regularly. Limit sodium, fried food and fats because when you’re diabetic you’re at risk for many complications that involve your heart! So, Carb consistent heart healthy diets!