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Request Your FREE Wristband for Fitness and Running from TrackNation!

Are you into fitness and running? If so, check out this offer! Right now, you can request a FREE TrackNation wristband if you live in the United States! To get your FREE wristband, just complete the brief sample request form. After you do, your FREE wristband will arrive in your mailbox within a few weeks.

double mudslide

FREE Double Mudslide Cookie At Au Bon Pain On 5/10

Who likes delicious FREE cookies?? On May 10, you can get a FREE small double chocolate mudslide cookie anytime between 2:00 to 5:00 PM at your local Au Bon Pain. No purchase is necessary and no coupons are needed. Just visit a participating Au Bon Pain and ask for your freebie. This offer is limited to one per person.

No longer available :(

FREE Red Bull

Get Your FREE Red Bull With Text Walgreens Coupon!

Do you like Red Bull? How about FREE Red Bull? If so, be sure to check out this freebie offer from Walgreens! Just provide your name and phone number. When you do, you will receive a freebie coupon via text message. You can pick up a FREE 8.4 ounce Red Bull at your local Walgreens.


mason jar bird feeder

Amazon Deal Of The Day on Bird Feeders For Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. If your mom loves birds and you need a gift for her, check out these Amazon deals on select bird feeders. Right now, you can save anywhere from 30% up to 50% on certain feeders. Amazon is running a deal on a mason jar bird feeder, a daisy vase vintage glass bird feeder, and more! Be sure to place your order before this offer disappears.

Lemi Shine

Lemi Shine FREE Sample Offer From Target!

Target is currently offering a FREE sample of Lemi Shine, a dish washing detergent booster. To get your FREE sample, click on the “request sample” button and answer a few brief questions. Then, enter your mailing information and submit your request. Your FREE sample should arrive in your mailbox with 3 to 5 weeks.


DIY Bath Bombs

Source: Betches

If you need an inexpensive and homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day, we have a great suggestion for you! You can create DIY bath bombs for your mom. These are fairly simple to create, and they make a nice present for a mom who deserves a bit of pampering.

DIY Bath Bombs Supplies:

  • 1/2 cup of Baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup of Citric Acid
  • 1/4 cup of Cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 3 teaspoons of Castor Oil (or any vegetable oil)
  • 1 teaspoon of Essential Oil
  • Food Coloring
  • 1 tablespoon of Water  (this amount can vary slightly depending on the humidity level where you live)
  • A bowl
  • A whisk
  • A spray bottle
  • Soap molds, Easter eggs, clear fill-able ornaments, etc.
  • A tray
  • A towel

DIY Bath Bombs Directions:

Mix your dry ingredients together in a bowl (baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and Epsom salt). In your spray bottle, combine the castor oil, essential oil, food coloring, and water. Give your spray bottle a gentle shake until the liquid ingredients are combined. Then, begin to spray the wet ingredients into the dry mixture. Immediately, begin to whisk the wet and dry ingredients together. Do not over-saturate the dry ingredients or the mixture will begin to react and fizz. Continue to gradually spritz and whisk the ingredients together. Once the mixture is the consistency of damp sand (if you squeeze it in your hand it clumps up and doesn’t crumble), you are ready to mold your homemade bath bombs. Gently pack the mixture in your mold. After the mixture is packed into the mold, gently turn it over and place it on a towel that has been placed over your tray. Allow each bath bomb to dry for approximately 24 hours. Then, store them in a sealed container. The DIY bath bombs do lose some of their fizz after a while, so try to give them out soon after you make them.

Please note that the use of castor oil or vegetable oil can make bathtubs a bit slippery. If you are concerned about this, you can omit the oil from the recipe.

COVERGIRL Simply Ageless

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You can currently request COVERGIRL Simply Ageless 3-in-1 liquid foundation. When you request this FREE makeup sample, you will receive a sample pack containing several shades of COVERGIRL foundation as well as discount coupons! Claim this offer while it is valid from now through May 28 or until supplies run out.


The National Institute of Health is currently offering a FREE book for parents! Adventures in Parenting is a helpful book based on many years of research on the best and most effective parenting techniques. You can also request other interesting and helpful books from the NIH. Check those books out below Adventures in Parenting on the NIH website.

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