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LOreal ParisHave you heard about how you can pick up a free sample of LOreal Paris Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner? If you haven’t and you would like to try it, just head over to their website and request your free samples. You will be able to choose the best shampoo for your hair just by simply answering a few, short questions! How cool is that?

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Free MyPublisher PhotoBookCheck this out: you can get a free MyPublisher PhotoBook. New customers to MyPublisher will get a free hardcover photo book right now! This freebie makes a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift! You will be able to choose one free 20-page classic book or $29.99 off a deluxe photo book. The deal ends this November 25th (Tuesday). Don’t wait too long if you’re interested in the offer!


Did you know that you can save 25% Off any purchase of $30 or more at the NUXE Paris website? Along with that deal, Nuxe will throw in 2 free samples, a free travel size and free shipping on your entire order. Again, NUXE Cosmetics is quick to point out that this isn’t strictly a freebie deal. You have to spend $30 to qualify for the freebie bonuses. But, if you’re in the market for these sort of items, why not pick up these awesome NUXE Cosmetics freebie bonuses along with your $30 order? This offer is only good for 2,000 people per day through the holiday. NUXE caps the offer after that. So if you don’t qualify one day, you could always try back the next day.

Home Heating

As of right now, nearly all of the country has already experienced record low temperatures at this time of year. It is already shaping up to be a long and cold winter. That means your heating costs will rise along with the expenses for just about everything else! But, there are ways to save money and remain frugal to save some serious big bucks in your winter heating expenses. It’s important to keep your costs down for many reasons. Your pocketbook being chief among them. Without further adieu, let us examine how to Save Money on Your Home Heating.

Quality insulation serves as perhaps THE best way to keep warm air in your home. You absolutely need to keep insulation up to code in your region to make your home as efficient as possible. An insulation professional can help you choose the correct insulation. You must also ensure your heating and air ducts aren’t leaky. This process may cost upwards of $1,000. However, you should see some serious money savings in about a year or so.

Do you own a programmable thermostat? According to, you should purchase a programmable thermostat. Then, adjust it to 10 to 15 degrees cooler for the time you are at work and your kids are at school. You could end up saving 10 percent from your regular heating bill. This same technique also applies in the summer. Set the thermostat higher (hotter) when no one is in the home and watch the savings rack up on your monthly bill.

Have you considered turning down the temperature of your water heater? Usually, the water heater is set far higher than necessary. You can save on your water heating costs just by turning it down a few degrees. You could also limit showers to a certain amount of time and install low-flow shower heads.

Are your windows old or outdated? At my home in the winter, we put our storm windows on the windows to keep the heat in. But many homes have drafty windows. You don’t have to buy expensive windows to solve these problems. Add storm windows and make sure all the seals around each window is tight and not broken. You can buy an array of sealers at your local hardware store for this easy fix.


Printable Coupon on for Carnation Instant Breakfast

Today you can print out this amazing printable coupon on for Carnation Instant Breakfast deal. The coupon takes $4 off 2 boxes of Carnation Instant Breakfast. You should definitely use this coupon at Walmart where you can rack up the biggest savings! Usually, Carnation Breakfast Essentials are priced under $5 at Walmart. So, by taking $4 off, you’ll basically end up paying a dollar for the second box. The savings here are absolutely incredible.

Free Guardians of the Galaxy Album

Hurry over to Google Play to download the Guardians of the Galaxy album for free! The Guardians of the Galaxy (Awesome Mix Vol. 1) MP3 won’t be free for very long. It is such a great movie soundtrack with classic tracks featuring the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Blue Swede and many more artists!


Costco Free Samples of TUMS

Costco offers great freebies for members all year round. Right now, you can stop in at the website to get your own Costco free samples of TUMS Ultra Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets. Make sure you bring in your member number. Just head over to the site and click the “Get a Sample” button. Then, enter your membership number and your sample will be on the way!

Instant Heartburn Relief

When you head over to the Caralox website, you can sign up for a free sample of instant heartburn relief tablets today! Caralox brought offer back again. Request your free sample now before this deal expires or runs out of supplies. Just head over to the Caralox website, fill out the form there, and they will send you a free sample within a few weeks time. This is a great way to try out the Caralox Heartburn Relief before without having to purchase a full bottle.

Tidy Cats Litter

Right now, you can get Purina free samples of Tidy Cats Litter when you use this free rebate here. All you have to do is purchase a 7.5 lb. bag, 12 lb. bag, or 14 lb. bag of Purina Tidy Cats brand Pure Nature cat litter. The Pure Nature cat litter will include this rebate directly on the bag. So, it’s super simple to set up as well. Send it in and the cat litter is yours for free!

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Monument Valley App

Today only, you can download the Monument Valley app for free from the free app of the day site on! This app , which usually costs $3.99, is totally free today. The app holds a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. It features all sorts of optical illusions, palaces and temples to explore. The app designers suggest using your headphones or earbuds for the best gaming experience.